Best Menopause Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

best menopause podcasts

Best Menopause Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

Many people are still reluctant to talk about menopause. Your mom and grandma might have referred to it with strange euphemisms like “the change.”

This leaves you to figure out this major live event on your own, which can be difficult.

But why shy away from the truth? It’s a fact of life for half of the world’s population, after all. Menopause is something every woman will experience eventually, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed to discuss it openly.

Fortunately, podcasts are here to help! They can offer advice and support and—best of all—knowledge. Typically, these types of podcasts are run by women who don’t shy away from telling it like it is. 

While podcasts are not a substitute for medical advice, they can help you understand more about this stage of life. Once the topics are on your radar, you can ask your healthcare provider better questions.

Here is a list of the best menopause podcasts to listen to in 2023.

The links on this blog post are to the podcast website or to Spotify. However, you can find each podcast on your favorite listening platform.

Hot Flashes & Cool Topics

You will love listening to this group of women and their guests talk about various topics related to menopause. This podcast will make you feel like you’re listening to a close group of girlfriends.

The guests include psychotherapists, physicians, comedians, actresses, and many more. What I love the most is the sense of community they promote while they’re discussing important topics and the culture around menopause.

Midlife Feast

Dr. Jenn Salib Huber hosts Midlife Feast, a podcast focusing on lifestyle, nutrition, body positivity, and finding food freedom.

She invites everyone to normalize menopause and to accept and celebrate the changes that come with this stage in life. Positive and helpful, this is a great podcast to listen to, especially if you’re tired of the diet culture.

Dr. Salib Huber is a dietitian, naturopathic doctor, and intuitive eating coach.

The Happy Menopause

Nutritionist and author Jackie Lynch brings you conversations about how diet and lifestyle can help you take control of your symptoms.

The podcast covers a wide variety of topics, from managing hot flashes to how yoga can help ease the experience of menopause.

She hosts interesting guests that offer insight into how to manage hormonal changes and other subjects related to midlife with the end goal of living a happier life.

Thriving in Menopause

Prevention Magazine Australia has created one of the best menopause podcasts. It’s a wonderful resource to help you navigate through the confusing changes experienced at this time.

The best part is that they are able to bring highly qualified health experts. As a result, you get in-depth, reliable information on a variety of topics.

The Thriving in Menopause podcast covers many topics, from minimizing hot flashes to getting rid of stubborn menopause belly fat.

This is a very informative, enjoyable podcast.

Flipping Fifty

Ready to feel strong and sexy in menopause? Then this is the show for you. Fitness expert and book author Debra Atkinson has a show that helps women feel their best in this stage of life.

Debra covers the subject from the point of view of a true fitness expert. She holds a master’s degree in exercise science and sports physiology and is a certified trainer.

Debra’s expertise shines through the podcast episodes and covers aspects from the point of view not often shared. She also brings expert guests to her show.

Menopause Natural Solutions

If you rely on natural products to help you optimize your health, then you will love this podcast.

The host is Jennifer Harrington, a naturopath who focuses on evidence-based natural therapies to improve women’s perimenopause and menopause journeys.

Episode topics include the health benefits of ginger for menopause and discovering the path back to happiness in midlife.

Not Your Mother’s Menopause

Dr. Fiona Lovely, the Gen X expert in perimenopause, hosts this weekly chat about women’s health.

Lovely is an expert in restorative endocrinology, functional neurology, and functional medicine. She is the perfect type of doctor to advise about hormones and the transition to menopause in a holistic way.

Definitely worth listening to!

Best Podcast Episodes About Menopause

These specific episodes about menopause are worth listening to. While they are not entire podcasts dedicated to menopause, these episodes dedicated to the topic are fascinating to listen to.

The Menopause Manifesto (TED Talks Daily)

In this episode, Dr. Jen Gunter provides an entertaining, science-based and easy-to-understand explanation of menopause.

But the best is when she explains a fascinating theory of why women are one of the only two mammals that survive the end of their childbearing years. Hint: it’s to do with how women of a certain age become pillars of society!

Listening to this podcast episode is time well spent; you will end with a feeling of empowerment and understanding of this new stage of your life.

Dr. Jean Gunter is an OB/GYN physician and the author of The Menopause Manifesto

Menopause: What to Know, What to Ask & What to Do

In this informative interview, OB/GYN Dr. Mary Claire Haver shares her expertise and her own journey through menopause.

Although she is now an expert on the topic, this life transition took her unprepared! Even as a women’s doctor, she had to research and understand how to approach a new stage in her life.

This lack of information is not uncommon, and by the end of this episode, you will understand a lot more about what happens in perimenopause and menopause and what to ask your own physician.

The Bottom Line

Menopause is a time of transition and change that can be difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, menopause is still a topic that people hesitate to talk about.

Life can be much easier if you understand what is happening to your body and how to navigate the changes.

These helpful podcasts address different aspects of menopause and offer valuable tips on managing this new stage in life. From nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness advice to understanding the changes in hormones, these podcasts are an excellent resource for women’s health.

Listen to one the next time you are on a walk, cleaning your home, or driving. Also, let me know if there are any other menopause-related podcasts you love!

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