Mounjaro Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Mounjaro Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Mounjaro Diet Plan for Weight Loss

While Mounjaro has not yet been approved for weight loss, this new diabetes medication can benefit those struggling to lose and manage their weight.

In order to be successful, though, a healthy meal plan is essential to make the most of this medication. The best meal plan has the main goals:

  • To optimize weight loss
  • To create habits to keep the weight loss long term
  • To prevent nutrition deficiencies
  • To avoid a dangerously low sugar level
  • To help control your blood glucose

Truth be told, you can choose to follow many different eating styles and still be successful. But to make it easy for you, the meal plan recommended in this article is inspired by the Diabetic Exchange List food planning system.

Breakfast Food Choices

Mounjaro Diet Plan Breakfast

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Lunch and Dinner Food Choices

Mounjaro Diet Plan Lunch and Dinner
List of food groups with examples to eat for lunch and dinner while on Mounjaro for weight loss.

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Why does this plan have carbohydrates?

The main reason carbs are included here is to prevent a hypoglycemic episode, which can result in a medical emergency. A hypoglycemic event is when your blood sugar level becomes very low. The chance of this happening can be more likely if you take Mounjaro in combination with other medications that lower your blood sugar.

However, limiting carbohydrates and choosing complex versions—like whole grains—is important. Examples are brown rice, quinoa, barley, and oatmeal. 

You should also ensure a good balance of proteins and vegetables in your meals.

Is there an easy way to measure the food I eat?

Yes, you don’t need a scale to measure your food. Using your hand is very helpful and easy.

Fist to measure carbs

Carbohydrates: 1 cup (30-45 grams) = The fist of your hand

Bread, tortillas, wraps: 1 large or 2 small

Size of palm to measure protein

Protein: 3 to 6 ounces per meal = The palm of your hand 

Thumb to measure fat

Fat: 1 tablespoon = The tip of your thumb

For avocados, you can have 2 tablespoons

Non-starchy vegetables: Unlimited

Are vegetables unlimited?

Non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, bell pepper and cauliflower are unlimited. Starchy vegetables are limited to 1 cup per meal. Examples of starchy vegetables are potatoes, corn, yuca, and malanga.

What kinds of snacks should I have?

Snacks are part of a healthy and balanced meal plan. Eating snacks between meals will help you feel full and satisfied until the next meal. Healthy snacks include food like fruit, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

However, you will probably notice that you’re not hungry while taking Mounjaro and so you might not need snacks.

The Bottom Line

Mounjaro, used in combination with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, has the potential to significantly aid in weight loss.

The key to success is to focus on a well-rounded diet, emphasizing complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats. While medications like Mounjaro and Wegovy can assist with weight management, they work best as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Always talk to your prescribing doctor about your diet and physical activity.

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